A Quick Bicyle Mudguard Fix

Dear lost fellow, hello again!

I was yesterday riding my bicycle as usual, going from on side of the street to the other, changing from sidewalk to street without management while suddently my front wheel stopped quite abruptely, almost projecting myself out. Stopped by this sudden and unexpected event, I inspected the wheel and could see that my negliglence ended exactly where it was supposed to.
A few weeks ago the two little plastic parts holding the front mudguard beams to the axis of the wheel broke. Not having the time to repair it properly, I did what any good engineer should (never) do: put a piece of duct tape to fix it.
Duct tape, savior of so many, duct tape, killer of so many!
Obviously this fix didn't last long. I therefore immediatly decided that I would do a real repair arrived at home. I brought the bicycle home, and detached the remainings of the two little plastic parts - secured with a screw.

The broken part is as follow (on the left side, one half broken, on the right side, the second one in little pieces):


I took my computer, and pouf! 5 minutes laters, magic of the numerical design, I made a quite close - but fullfilling the same requirements - replica of the original part. And 15 minutes laters...

img_station_2 img_station_2

I mounted the new piece on my bicycle....it gives it some pimp.

img_station_1 img_station_1

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