October 15th, 2019

Building a website, finally!


Hey there!

Finally, after waiting so long...I decided to try it. building a website, to document my little projects and gives back to the community part of what it gaves me: knowledge and know-how. It's easy to vacuum all the DIY websites found on internet and do nice projects...but what does it mean if you don't share it?
The primary goal of all this is to share knowledge, so one that take some, should spit out what he learned of it to ensure the knowledge is spread out and have a chance to reach some other people who will then make something out of it.
Honestly, the form doesn't matter and is very personal: images on insta, posts on facebook, forums or a website...as long as there is an attempt to do it!
In my case, I wanted to try to make a website for a long but despite the fact that I love spending most of my time to read blogs and websites of makers, I don't usually like to put to much things on facebook, and didn't wanted to use a pre-made website template as I love websites with very simple (but efficient) esthetics and very specific personal requirements, and also...I am a maker.
Every time I have to use a pre-made template that has limitations, I am angry and want to do everything again. I like to make things from scratch. Have the pleasure of making it myself, learning some new coding technics or new languages. Have the fun of making myself the scripts, a database, be proud of every line I made, until the very last dot.
It is also a sort of control: for the one that have precise requirements, either you request a professional to do it, or you do it yourself. DIY. That's the word. And for the one who like to make things himself, there is no such things as 'professionals' in the common sense that can be heard. 'no, I don't want to change the battery of my car myself because I don't want to break it. I don't know. let's ask a profesional'.
Terrible mentality of our century: we have created so complex machines that most of us can't even understand how to repair it ourselves. And combined with the fear of 'breaking'. What's the matter? You would loose some money for something already broken? You don't want to spend money but don't want to do it?
Fortunately the 21th century is also the one of the shared knowledge, accessible to anyone. From Africa to the end of Siberia, one can take out of its pocket the small ultathin device that is our phone and dig into the deepness of Internet. In seconds, a world of problem resolution is opened to you! There are no problems, only solutions.
And thanks to websites. So here it is, at least an attempt!

I liked the website of the ETH in Zurich and decided to take some visual elements of this website. Nice colors in limited amount, simplistic but efficient design. Now all the fun is to make something functional! Not easy as I am not a software engineer and last time I did a tutorial on XHTML and CSS was when I was in high school, during my free time. However, after writing some lines, it comes back quite easily, at least the base.